November 2, 2023

There is no doubt that many global companies, as part of the global structure of the economy (racial capitalism), are complicit in the genocidal war waged by Israel today against 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza, and some of these companies are involved in apartheid Israel’s economy to varying degrees. All peaceful popular efforts, including boycott and divestment, to hold these entities accountable for their support of Israel’s crimes against Palestinians are justified and called for.

In our work in the BDS movement, we rely on the operational principle of targeted and strategic boycotts, which means focusing on a specific number of the most complicit targets, where we have a better chance of success, to maximize our impact, rather than non-targeted boycotts. For example, the movement has called for boycotts and divestment against HP, PUMA, Elbit, among others, due to their proven involvement in apartheid and complicity in Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights.

Some companies, like Carrefour, have doubled down on their complicity by donating thousands of personal packages to the Israeli occupation army, thus directly supporting its commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity in Gaza. Other companies, including McDonalds, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns have also made generous donations to Israel’s genocidal army. They all deserve to be boycotted and divested from, regardless of the claim that their branches in various countries are wholly or partially owned by local businesses.

The parent company is complicit for allowing its Israel branch to support an ongoing military aggression that leading scholars of genocide have described as a “textbook case of genocide.”

We encourage continued pressure on entities that support apartheid Israel and its genocidal war against our people in Gaza.

And don’t forget to #checkyour super Ask your superfund if they invest in companies linked to illegal Israeli settlements. We’ve made it easy for you to do here.

Expose Israeli Apartheid and Greenwashing

Expose Israeli Apartheid and Greenwashing

August 31, 2023  Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

Palestine is a climate justice issue.

All over the world, grassroots groups are committed to the rights of indigenous people to land and raw materials, to sustainability, against the exploitation of farmers, against climate colonialism and the wrong solutions to combat it.

Palestine is part of these mobilizations. Apartheid Israel has been carrying out ethnic cleansing against the native Palestinians for decades, driving them from their land, villages and farms. Israeli companies like Mekorot and Netafim steal raw materials from Palestinians and funnel them into illegal colonial settlements. These same companies gloss over their crimes by posing as companies offering sustainable “solutions” around the world, when in reality these false solutions enable the privatization of resources and exploit local communities. Other Israeli companies such as Haifa Chemicals and Adama contribute to the agrotoxic destruction .

So-called “charities” like the racist and colonial Jewish National Fund are building “parks” on the ruins of ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages to hide them. And companies like Siemens and Chevron profit from the fossil gas business , which fuels Israeli apartheid and its serious violations of Palestinian rights on the one hand and the climate crisis on the other .

Companies like HD Hyundai, PUMA, AXA and Barclays claim to care about climate justice while also being complicit in apartheid against Palestinians . Climate summits like the upcoming COP28 offer these companies an opportunity to greenwash their crimes while silencing the voices of grassroots democracy.

Read the BNC statement on COP28

These struggles are linked to global grassroots struggles for indigenous land rights, sustainability and against the climate catastrophe caused by corporate greed. Together we oppose the global structures of neoliberalism and colonialism and challenge the severe inequalities these structures create in our communities.

On September 4th we will host a day of action on social media to highlight the ongoing campaigns to expose Israeli greenwashing and bluewashing , including at global summits such as COP28 . Join us to present a united, progressive, grassroots front against oppression and especially against attempts to greenwash oppression everywhere.

Expose Israeli Apartheid and Greenwashing

TAKE ACTION – #BoycottPuma Send a Message to the CEO

TAKE ACTION – #BoycottPuma Send a Message to the CEO

PUMA’s AGM is May 24th – Message the CEO and shareholders now

BDS Australia Joins the international #BoycottPuma campaign now in the week before Puma’s AGM to increase our pressure on Puma to end its complicity with Israeli apartheid and end all sponsorship of Israeli football teams on occupied Palestinian lands.


This year, as PUMA shareholders prepare to meet to discuss profits, Israel has just carried out yet another military assault on besieged Palestinians in Gaza.

These are not just tragic coincidences and they occur with PUMA’s complicity. They are a testament to just how often Israel’s apartheid regime kills Palestinians, young and elderly, athletes and artists, scholars and students, professionals and artisans, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. In just the past 15 years, Israel has killed more than 6,000 Palestinians and injured over 145,000.

The Israel Football Association operates in illegal Israeli settlements, on land stolen from Palestinians and Puma supports this association unlike other sports brands which have refused to support Israel’s illegal settlements and ongoing persecution of Palestinians.

Israel’s apartheid regime robs Palestinian land and resources; bombs Palestinian cities; demolishes Palestinian homes; incarcerates Palestinian political prisoners; restricts Palestinian access to water, farm land, and electricity; destroys Palestinian agriculture; and prevents Palestinian movement.

Palestinians are now facing the escalating violence and dispossession of Israel’s most far-right, racist and fundamentalist government ever.

PUMA claims it has a “devotion to universal equality.” That can’t be true as long as PUMA is complicit in Israel’s apartheid regime.


Boycott Puma Global Day of Action

Boycott Puma Global Day of Action

Support the Global Day of Action and Boycott Puma – Worst. Gift. Ever.

Israel’s far-right government is escalating its expansion of illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land. At the same time, it is demolishing Palestinian homes in record numbers, leaving hundreds of Palestinian families homeless during a pandemic.

Puma’s support for these violent land grabs makes it the… Worst. Gift. Ever.

Don’t put Israeli apartheid under the Christmas tree
Register for 4th #BoycottPuma Global Day of Action, Dec 12

Contact Puma Australia and these Melbourne sports clubs which all have Puma sponsorships
Melbourne City FC
Carlton FC
Richmond FC
Melbourne Vixens
Athletics Australia

Israel’s military occupation and illegal settlements force Palestinian families from their homes, with full backing from the Australian government which remains complicit and does not even support UN Resolutions calling on Israel to respect Palestinian human rights and adhere to international law.

Puma says it supports equality but is helping to prolong the brutal dispossession of indigenous Palestinians.

Read more here

Urge Lewis Hamilton To Help Convince Puma To End Support for Israeli Apartheid

Urge Lewis Hamilton To Help Convince Puma To End Support for Israeli Apartheid

Take two quick actions HERE to thank Lewis Hamilton for his stand against racism and to urge him to take that stand to Puma over its support for Israeli apartheid that South Africans say is worse than what they endured.

Lewis Hamilton, Formula One’s first and only Black driver, is shattering records and fighting against racism on and off the race track.

He recently said, “We all have a responsibility to educate ourselves and raise awareness of the tragedies happening in the world around us and take action where we can”.

Let’s take this opportunity to do just that!

Lewis Hamilton’s sponsor Puma supports Israeli apartheid that South Africans say is worse than what they endured.

Take two quick actions HERE to thank Lewis Hamilton for his righteous stand against racism and ask him to take that stand to Puma.