The ACT territory government moved a hugely significant motion in February 2024 which may result in the government divesting from a number of companies which are profiting from operating in the illegal Israeli settlements.

Mr Andrew Braddock (Greens) moved a motion in the ACT parliament on February 7,2024 titled – HUMAN RIGHTS INCOMPLIANT COMPANIES—DIVESTMENTS which sought to assess the ACT’s investments in nine companies which are operating in the illegal Israel settlements and on the UN Human Rights, list with view to testing these investments against the government’s 2023 Responsible Investment Policy and its ESG controversy assessment process.

The motion was amended resulting in the final motion see link below) which included this clause:

calls on the ACT Government, following advice from the Investment Advisory Board regarding the current policy settings, to report back to the Assembly by the end of August 2024 on divestments that have or may be undertaken, to ensure that company ESG controversy exclusions fully consider companies involved in, or profiting from, any human rights violations, including the illegal occupation of the Palestinian Territories. (starting from page 1671)

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