MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                        7 June 2018

BDS Australia*  welcomes the Argentinian football team’s decision to cancel its match with Israel ahead of the World Cup.

“BDS Australia commends the Argentinian football team for showing such solidarity with the Palestinian people.

“This decision reinforces the positive impact ethical sporting decisions have on human rights and the growing impact of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS).

“Apartheid is not entertainment and no match with Israel can be ‘friendly’. When Palestinian civilians protesting peacefully are gunned down, including journalists, paramedics and children, such a decision is powerful, ethical and necessary.

“Major sporting and cultural boycotts, including that of the World Cup, cricket and rugby union, were a turning point in history and an effective tool that helped undermine Apartheid in South Africa.

“We call on Australians including all sporting teams and individuals – as well as musicians, artists, academics and investors – to follow suit and take a stand for human rights and justice for Palestinians by joining the BDS campaign.”

*registered as PSNA

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