Check your Superfund

Check your Superfund

Oppose apartheid? Support justice for Palestinians?
Don’t fund your retirement on the dispossession of Palestinians.
Ask your superfund if they invest in companies linked to illegal Israeli settlements.

Send your super fund a letter and ask the question and bring it to their attention. A couple of minutes of your time may contribute towards the ultimate cessation of these crimes.


Can one member influence how a massive super fund invests its money? The answer is yes, because often investing in such corporations actually breaches the funds own rules. All you need to do is to bring it to their attention and hold them to their own policies. If you jump onto your super fund’s website, you’ll notice a section that refers to their investment policy; often with the term “responsible investing”. This refers to their investment decision criteria focusing on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. Any investment and contribution to such corporations contradicts their publicly promoted ideals.

Send your super fund a letter and ask the question and bring it to their attention. A couple of minutes of your time may contribute towards the ultimate cessation of these crimes.

More info on our Superannuation divestment campaign:

Expose Israeli Apartheid and Greenwashing

Expose Israeli Apartheid and Greenwashing

August 31, 2023  Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC)

Palestine is a climate justice issue.

All over the world, grassroots groups are committed to the rights of indigenous people to land and raw materials, to sustainability, against the exploitation of farmers, against climate colonialism and the wrong solutions to combat it.

Palestine is part of these mobilizations. Apartheid Israel has been carrying out ethnic cleansing against the native Palestinians for decades, driving them from their land, villages and farms. Israeli companies like Mekorot and Netafim steal raw materials from Palestinians and funnel them into illegal colonial settlements. These same companies gloss over their crimes by posing as companies offering sustainable “solutions” around the world, when in reality these false solutions enable the privatization of resources and exploit local communities. Other Israeli companies such as Haifa Chemicals and Adama contribute to the agrotoxic destruction .

So-called “charities” like the racist and colonial Jewish National Fund are building “parks” on the ruins of ethnically cleansed Palestinian villages to hide them. And companies like Siemens and Chevron profit from the fossil gas business , which fuels Israeli apartheid and its serious violations of Palestinian rights on the one hand and the climate crisis on the other .

Companies like HD Hyundai, PUMA, AXA and Barclays claim to care about climate justice while also being complicit in apartheid against Palestinians . Climate summits like the upcoming COP28 offer these companies an opportunity to greenwash their crimes while silencing the voices of grassroots democracy.

Read the BNC statement on COP28

These struggles are linked to global grassroots struggles for indigenous land rights, sustainability and against the climate catastrophe caused by corporate greed. Together we oppose the global structures of neoliberalism and colonialism and challenge the severe inequalities these structures create in our communities.

On September 4th we will host a day of action on social media to highlight the ongoing campaigns to expose Israeli greenwashing and bluewashing , including at global summits such as COP28 . Join us to present a united, progressive, grassroots front against oppression and especially against attempts to greenwash oppression everywhere.

Expose Israeli Apartheid and Greenwashing

Sydney University’s Students Representative Council backs BDS

After supporting justice for Palestinians for many years, the University of Sydney SRC has reaffirmed its solidarity with its latest vote on active solidarity to Palestine and support for BDS. This stand shows how strong the student movement for BDS is in Australia with one of Australia’s largest universities following on from Melbourne University’s BDS support last year, despite coordinated attacks by the Zionist lobby in Australia.

The USYD SRC position includes recognition that Palestinians are living under an apartheid state, opposes the universities’ institutional support for the IHRA definition of antisemitism because it conflates criticism of Israel with antisemitism, and rejects normalisation with the state of Israel.

We congratulate the University of Sydney SRC on their powerful stand.

Text of the USYD SRC motion


  1. The University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council recognises the complicity of universities across the globe in violations against indigenous peoples.
  2. The University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people living under an Apartheid state.
  3. The University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council supports the BDS movement in their calls for boycott, divestment and sanctions to achieve freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians.
  4. The University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council rejects attempts to collapse Judaism and Zionism and reaffirms its position that anti-Zionism is anti-racism. 
  5. The University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council opposes the institutional adoption of the IHRA working definition of Antisemitism as it has been used to silence and discipline pro-Palestinian advocacy and activism. 
  6. The University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council rejects normalisation with the State of Israel.

The University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council will:

  1. Encourage and support SRC councillors to engage in boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) actions that seek to end the occupation of Palestine and bring about justice, freedom and equality for Palestinians. 
  2. Boycott purchasing future Hewlett-Packard (HP) products, including printers and computers in the SRC and implementing a long term strategy to replace all current HP products. 
  3. Designate the University of Sydney Students Representative Council an official Apartheid-free zone.
  4. Campaign against the University of Sydney developing or maintaining ties with organisations, companies and tertiary and/or government funded institutions that support/are supported by/are funded by the State of Israel.
  5. Write a letter to the University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor to:
    1. Condemn the reference to the IHRA definition as a ‘useful tool to understanding antisemitism’ in its new anti-racism statement and request them to remove it from the references.
    2. Express the rejection of University ties with the state of Israel, including the new OLE unit titled ‘Experience Israel’. 


University institutions are complicit in human rights violations against indigenous peoples across the globe, from here on Gadigal land, to Palestine. Violations can range from support and normalisation of the colonial state, discriminatory admittance policies, like systematically preventing racialised groups to attend university, but also through indoctrination and misinformation. Universities have a lot to answer for, and student unions have a duty to fight this fight and hold their universities accountable. 

As a settler-colony, Israel has created various systems and structures to take over Palestinian land: a military occupation to suppress resistance, ethnic cleansing to achieve demographic targets and land theft, and an apartheid system of governance to give privileges to one people while denying the rights of others. 

Palestinians have called for non-violent global solidarity action in the form of boycott, divestment, and sanctions upon the State of Israel, until it recognises the rights of Palestinian people to self-determination and fully complies with international law. As a student union, we must stand on the right side of history and demand justice and an immediate end to the oppression of Palestinians by the State of Israel. Palestinians have told us what they seek from us in global solidarity: boycott, divestment and sanctions; boycotts of institutions complicit in the settler-colonial project, divestment from corporations which profit from the injustice and calling for sanctions on the Apartheid state until it complies with international law. 

The Australian government proudly proclaimed their support for the boycott movement against Apartheid South Africa – so why won’t Australia support a BDS movement against Apartheid Israel? It’s been made clear time and time again that there are double standards which apply to Palestinian right to freedom and self-determination. These double standards are deeply rooted in islamophobia, anti-Arab racism and Western imperialist interests. 

In an attempt to silence criticism of Israel and intervene in grassroots mobilisation for Palestinian liberation, Zionist lobby groups have been pressuring universities to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) working definition of antisemitism, in which 7 of its 11 examples of conduct said to constitute antisemitism directly refer to conduct regarding Israel. Particularly problematic is the example alleging that it is antisemitic to deny “the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming the existence of the State of Israel is a racist endeavour”. This working definition has been used to suppress advocacy for Palestinian rights (for example, at universities).

How Israel’s occupation has gone global: Antony Loewenstein presents ‘The Palestine Laboratory’

How Israel’s occupation has gone global: Antony Loewenstein presents ‘The Palestine Laboratory’

How Israel’s occupation has gone global: Antony Loewenstein presents ‘The Palestine Laboratory’

“From Israeli spyware ending up on the phones of activists in Mexico to Israeli drones being used by the EU to “monitor” refugees struggling and often drowning in the Mediterranean, the public is recognising how the Israeli occupation is being exported, and the danger it poses.”

Award-winning investigative journalist, Antony Loewenstein will discuss his latest book, The Palestine Laboratory at this special BDS Australia event in Sydney.

What: How Israel’s occupation has gone global: Antony Loewenstein presents “The Palestine Laboratory”
When: Thursday August 24 – 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Where: Gumbramorra Hall, Addison Community Centre 142 Addison Road, Marrickville

Tickets: Book via TryBooking

 “Government’s flock to Israel to buy weapons and surveillance equipment, happy to ignore that they’ve been lethally tried and tested in the ‘Palestine laboratory’”.

This book has generated huge interest worldwide as it shows just how pervasive Israel’s lethal technology is internationally. Detailing how Israel’s massive arms and security industry has been developed and exported on the back of its endless occupation of Palestine, ‘The Palestine Laboratory’ exposes how Israel’s weapons and surveillance technology has been tried and tested on Palestinians for decades and sold as ‘battle tested’ to any buyers, including equally oppressive far right regimes.

Copies of The Palestine Laboratory will be available for purchase, and the talk will be followed by a book signing.

Please share this important event with your friends and colleagues – Facebook event

How Israel’s occupation has gone global: Antony Loewenstein presents ‘The Palestine Laboratory’



JUNE 2023

The state of Israel continues to deny the right of self-determination to Palestinians and continues to
dispossess them of their land. We aim to rectify this injustice in ways that will allow both Palestinians
and Israelis to live in peace, security and equality, exercising self-determination as described by the
United Nations Charter.


  1. Recognise that the state of Israel’s ongoing occupation of the Palestinian territories and the
    expropriation of Palestinian land, water, airspace, and resources is illegal and must be opposed.
  2. Recognise that the September 2022 Report of the United Nations Special Rapporteur found
    that “the occupation is not merely belligerent ,but is settlercolonial in nature and that Israel
    has prevented the realisation of Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, violating each
    component of that right, wilfully pursuing the “de-Palestinianisation” of the occupied territory.”
  3. Support freedom and statehood for the Palestinian people.
  4. Recognise that our ability to resolve the climate crisis is made more difficult by the ongoing violent
    conflict in the region and peace and stability are required for regional and equitable solutions to the
    climate crisis.
  5. Call on all parties to comply with international law, relevant United Nations (UN) resolutions, the
    Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Geneva Conventions, the International Convention
    on Civil and Political Rights, and the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural
    Rights and the Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid.
  6. Recognise that the state of Israel, as the sole State power exercising control over all Palestinians,
    has the primary obligation to comply with such laws.
  7. Recognise that Israel’s ongoing colonisation of Palestinian land is rendering a two- state solution
  8. Reject and condemn all forms of violence, especially against civilians, whether perpetrated by a
    state, organisations or individuals, while recognising the right of the Palestinian people to resist
    Israeli occupation in accordance with international law.
  9. Oppose all forms of racism, religious or cultural intolerance and discrimination, in Australia and
  10. Demand the protection of human rights in the Palestinian territories and Israel
  11. Recognise that the state of Israel is practising the crime of apartheid against Palestinians as
    noted by prominent human rights organisations – including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty
    International, as well as Palestinian and Israeli groups including al-Haq, Yesh Din and B’Tselem.
  12. Recognise the Right of Return of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to their place of origin
    through a just and acceptable solution based on UN Resolution 194, or compensation for those who
    choose not to return. Additionally, support the establishment of international mechanisms guided
    by international law to facilitate this outcome.
  13. Recognise that the rise of right-wing extremism in Israel is contributing to the intensification of
    repression, violence and a further worsening of the humanitarian situation for Palestinians.
  14. In accordance with the Australian Greens Resolution on Boycotts, Divestments & Targeted
    Sanctions, support the tactics of boycotts, divestments and targeted sanctions that are strategic
    and human rights aligned on:
    a) Government representatives, institutions and state-affiliated entities of the state of Israel and the
    Israeli military and/or;
    b) Corporations, entities and organisations that profit from or are complicit in the violation of
    Palestinian human rights
  15. Affirm that criticism of Israeli government policies and actions is not antisemitic, and therefore
    oppose the adoption and enforcement of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
    definition of antisemitism which conflates criticism of the state of Israel with antisemitism.
    Recognise the rise of hateful and violent racism and bigotry including antisemitism and
    Islamophobia in Australia and commit to the development of thorough anti-racism policies.
  16. Support and promote an open, human rights-aligned public debate about the state of Israel’s
    policies toward, and treatment of, Palestinian people.
  17. Recognise the particular impact on children living under military occupation and exposed to conflict,
    in terms of their physical, psychosocial and social development needs.
  18. Recognise that the state of Israel’s policy of conscription has involved young people in conflict and
    occupation which is counter to the goals of peace.
    The Australian Greens will work for:
  19. The end of the occupation of the Palestinian territories and the removal of the Separation Wall.
  20. The removal of Israeli settlers and Israeli security and military forces from all the Palestinian
    territories occupied since 1967, including the land and sea blockade of Gaza.
  21. The equitable allocation of all natural resources, including water.
  22. Full equality before the law for every person, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, language, race, gender
    identity, class, disability, sexuality, or other social status.
  23. The Australian government to join the international community in recognising the statehood of
    Palestinians and maintain the position of not recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
  24. The support of progressive political and civil society movements within the state of Israel and in the
    Palestinian Territories
  25. The Australian Government to recognise and uphold the jurisdiction of the International Criminal
    Court in relation to investigations into the actions of members of the government of the state of
    Israel, the Israeli Defence Force, Palestinian Authorities and armed groups to ensure individuals found
    to be responsible for crimes under international law are brought to justice. Additionally, the Australian
    Government to use all diplomatic and peaceful means to ensure all parties to any such investigation
    cooperate and comply fully with all requests, requirements and rulings of the Court.
  26. The Australian Government to support initiatives in the United Nations, including the International
    Court of Justice, to hold the state of Israel, Palestinian Authorities and armed groups accountable for
    crimes under international law and other serious human rights violations; including but not limited
    to the expansion of illegal settlements, targeting of civilians, treatment of civilian populations within
    their jurisdictions and treatment of enemy combatants under their control.
  27. Australia to promote human rights of Palestinians in its diplomatic relationships with those directly or
    indirectly involved in the conflict.
  28. The involvement of progressive women’s organisations in establishing and building peace, in line with
    the principles set out in UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.
  29. The Australian Government to increase support for NGOs promoting peace with justice for all
    Palestinians and Israelis.
  30. The Australian Government to work for UN-supervised removal of all weapons of mass destruction,
    including nuclear weapons, from all states in the region.
  31. In independent Australian foreign policy in relation to South West Asia and North Africa region, based
    on principles of peace, disarmament, ecology, self determination and human rights.
    As preliminary steps to the achievement of the goals, the Australian Greens call for:
  32. The immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the Israeli military from all Palestinian cities,
    towns, refugee camps, surrounding areas and transport routes, allowing freedom of movement of
  33. The immediate release of Palestinian political prisoners and all Palestinian child prisoners held in
    Israeli detention.
  34. The end of dispossession and destruction of Palestinian homes by the authorities of the state of
    Israel and Israeli settlers.
  35. Palestinian control of their borders with Jordan and Egypt.
  36. The immediate freezing of all Israeli settlement activity in the Occupied Palestinian Territories,
    including expansion, and the simultaneous commencement of the repatriation of the Israeli settlers
    from the Palestinian territories.
  37. The immediate dismantling of the separation wall.
  38. The deployment of an international peacekeeping force endorsed by the United Nations to monitor
    the implementation of the above preliminaries by the parties; ensure that civilian populations are not
    exposed to the risk of hostile attack; and provide assistance to re-establish infrastructure.
  39. An immediate end to refusal of, or hindrance to, medical aid to Palestinians and an end to the
    destruction of Palestinian infrastructure, agriculture and homes by authorities of the state of Israel
    and Israeli settlers
  40. International support to establish a joint healing process, based upon the principles of a truth and
    reconciliation commission.
  41. Australian, international and Israeli assistance programs in the Palestinian territories which together
    are sufficient to repair and rebuild Palestinian infrastructure, institutions, agriculture and the
    environment, and democratic civil society.
  42. UN-endorsed measures, such as targeted sanctions, as needed and in conformity with Australian
    Greens policies.
  43. An end to Australian taxation deductions for donations to states, institutions and organisations
    engaged in violations of international humanitarian law and human rights in Israel and Palestine,
    including settlement activity.
  44. Given the continuing disregard by the state of Israel of calls to halt settlement expansion in the
    Occupied Palestinian Territories, the Australian Greens:
  45. Call upon the Australian and State governments to halt military and security trade and cooperation
    with the state of Israel.
  46. Reiterate our call for the immediate freezing of all Israeli settlement activity in the Occupied
    Palestinian Territories.
  47. Call for the removal of existing Israeli settlers and Israeli security and military forces from the
    Occupied Palestinian Territories.

That the Australian Greens:
• Acknowledge Australia’s history of cultural, consumer, sporting and labour movement boycotts as a
legitimate, non- violent political expression in support of national liberation, health, human rights and
environmental causes.
• Support the application of targeted sanctions, boycotts and divestments by the Australian
Government when they are strategic and human rights-aligned and one or more of the following
criteria are met:
• The grave repression of the human rights or democratic freedoms of a population by a
• The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction
• Internal or international armed conflict
• Genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity or the perpetration of war crimes
• State-sponsored mass violence
• In the event of a military coup
These criteria should serve to assist the deliberations of the Australian Greens and of the Australian
Greens Party Room when considering calling for the application of targeted sanctions, boycotts or
divestments against:
• Government or state officials
• State entities
• State-affiliated or state-funded entities and/or;
• Corporations, entities and organisations that profit from or are complicit in the violation of human rights.
The Australian Greens reaffirm its support for the following calls made by the Australian Greens Party
Room Foreign Affairs spokesperson for the following boycotts, divestments and targeted sanctions:
• Targeted sanctions, boycotts and divestments on Myanmar’s military junta, government
representatives, institutions and state-affiliated corporations for the 2021 February coup and
treatment of the Rohingya population
• Targeted sanctions, boycotts and divestments on Iranian government officials and the Islamic
Revolutionary Guard Corps, government representatives, institutions and state-affiliated
corporations including financial asset freezing and visa bans on key officials, the IRGC and morality
• Targeted sanctions, boycotts and divestments on Russian government representatives, institutions
and state-affiliated corporations including boycott of the Russian oil and gas purchases.

TAKE ACTION – #BoycottPuma Send a Message to the CEO

TAKE ACTION – #BoycottPuma Send a Message to the CEO

PUMA’s AGM is May 24th – Message the CEO and shareholders now

BDS Australia Joins the international #BoycottPuma campaign now in the week before Puma’s AGM to increase our pressure on Puma to end its complicity with Israeli apartheid and end all sponsorship of Israeli football teams on occupied Palestinian lands.


This year, as PUMA shareholders prepare to meet to discuss profits, Israel has just carried out yet another military assault on besieged Palestinians in Gaza.

These are not just tragic coincidences and they occur with PUMA’s complicity. They are a testament to just how often Israel’s apartheid regime kills Palestinians, young and elderly, athletes and artists, scholars and students, professionals and artisans, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. In just the past 15 years, Israel has killed more than 6,000 Palestinians and injured over 145,000.

The Israel Football Association operates in illegal Israeli settlements, on land stolen from Palestinians and Puma supports this association unlike other sports brands which have refused to support Israel’s illegal settlements and ongoing persecution of Palestinians.

Israel’s apartheid regime robs Palestinian land and resources; bombs Palestinian cities; demolishes Palestinian homes; incarcerates Palestinian political prisoners; restricts Palestinian access to water, farm land, and electricity; destroys Palestinian agriculture; and prevents Palestinian movement.

Palestinians are now facing the escalating violence and dispossession of Israel’s most far-right, racist and fundamentalist government ever.

PUMA claims it has a “devotion to universal equality.” That can’t be true as long as PUMA is complicit in Israel’s apartheid regime.